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Full conference rates are shown below in US Dollars. (The advance cutoff date is May 24th.)
Advance Member $775.00
Advance Non-Member $875.00
Advance Student Member $555.00
Advance Student Non-Member $655.00
Advance Life/Retired $555.00
Late/On-Site Member $875.00
Late/On-Site Non-Member $975.00
Late/On-Site Student Registration $625.00
Late/On-Site Student Registration $735.00
Late/On-Site Life/Retired $625.00

We also offer a Monday-only (workshops and tutorials) option at the following rates, with the same cutoff date.
Monday-Only Advance Member $385.00
Monday-Only Advance Non-Member $435.00
Monday-Only Advance Student Member $275.00
Monday-Only Advance Student Non-Member $325.00
Monday-Only Advance Life/Retired $275.00
Monday-Only Late/On-Site Member $435.00
Monday-Only Late/On-Site Non-Member $485.00
Monday-Only Late/On-Site Student Registration $310.00
Monday-Only Late/On-Site Student Registration $365.00
Monday-Only Late/On-Site Life/Retired $310.00

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